Skwer Radiowej Trójki

Skwer Radiowej Trójki

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On the Radio Three Square, there is a statue of the Mountain Spirit, made on the model of his oldest image by the German cartographer Martin Helwig, who found himself on his map from 1561.
At the foot of the monument, the" time capsule "rests from October 18, 2010. The Mountain Spirit - Liczyrzepa, Rübezahl, Krakonosz - has to protect it for the next 50 years, until the hundredth anniversary of granting municipal rights to Szklarska Poręba, when the capsule is opened for the next people. The square is well-kept, equipped with benches, often occasional events take place here, on the wall at the side alley of the square there are imprints of the "working tools" of the Polish Radio's Third Program journalists, that is their lips prints. This is how the famous alley was created in Szklarska Poręba - Trójka Star Avenue, with the mouths of Piotr Kaczkowski, Marek Niedźwiecki, Monika Olejnik, Henryk Sytner and others.

ul. Okrzei 1b
58-580 Szklarska Poręba

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